About us
Pralinor is the only shop exclusively dedicated to handcrafted Belgium chocolate in Shanghai

Pralinor Chocolatier has been making fine chocolates for over decades. Pralinor chocolatier uses only the finest ingredients to produce handcrafted, unique and delicious chocolates. Carrying on a family tradition, we dedicate ourselves to offering exquisite handcrafted chocolate in a variety of tastes for every palette as we believe that chocolate is a little pleasure that should be enjoyed by everyone.

We offer our customers chocolate in all its forms: The intoxicating scent of chocolate welcomes you when entering our shop, the liquid chocolate flows from our state of the art equipment and our solid pralines await to ravish your senses. We don't offer pastry or bakery items. This way we aim to apply all of our " savoir faire " on one single product. By producing locally, we are able to guarantee product freshness throughout the year by means of strict and efficient stock control. During the summer, we only produce on demand and keep as little stock as possible.