On ne fait pas de bons produits sans de bons ingrédients

Notre assortiment de bonbons de chocolat et spécialités est le fruit de notre savoir-faire depuis 1951 et de l’excellence des matières premières que nous avons soigneusement sélectionnées.

Even the world best chocolatier couldn't make anything with bad ingredients. We only use premium grade ingredients to ensure constant quality in both taste and freshness that have made Belgian chocolates so famous the world over and besides a few ingredients whichg are sourced locally because of their specific taste ( Sichuan pepper, tea, Turfan raisins ), 99% of our ingredients are imported from Europe. 

Needless to say we do not use compound chocolate. For couverture we mainly use a well balanced 60 % cocoa fondant chocolate and 37% cocoa milk chocolate.  In our ganaches and for some plain chocolate items such as chocolate bars, we also use some origin chocolate from Famous plantations all over the world (Peru, Vanuatu islands, Uganda..). With their specific aromas, they give an extra layer of flavors to the products.

Aside from chocolate itself, we always pursue quality through sourcing the best of each ingredients available on the market. Which is why we use turkish hazelnuts, raisins from Turfan (Xinjiang), finely roasted quality arabica coffee beans, californian almonds, tahitian vanilla pods ...  Our fruit flavored ganaches are made using real fruit purees, no flavoring agents.